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Freelance Web & UX Designer from India. Currently making @web3templates & @web3forms
Hello Community,Β 

I have made a small tool to setup working contact forms in static websites or JAMStack sites without adding backend or server side coding. Its called Web3Forms

Its a simple API Endpoint you can attach to any <form> element and it should work out-of-the-box.Β 

Its currently not launched yet, But I'd love if you try it now and provide me your feedback.Β 

Website Link:

Even this is a no-code community, we know that we can't completely depend on no-code tools for our projects. So my question is:

Have you ever tried low-code tools or okay with doing some low-code?Β 

Low Code Meaning: Write some code or copy paste code to make something work. ie: Embedding iframes, Adding JS files or setting up API based contact forms (eg:Β

What do you think?

Of course, ok with doing some low code.
Using bubble I add lot of JS, css and API stuff in my app or in external component.Β 

Same thing for automation tools such as integromat (json,..)Β 

Low code is a convenient way to enhance or extend no-code apps, at least when we can add code in them!Β 
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Of course! I have some HTML/CSS skills and sometimes it's just easier to input some custom code than otherwise figure out how to do something that a no-code tool wasn't built for or doesn't make easy.

I like no code methods because it's faster/more efficient than coding things from scratch 90% of the time, but there's a time and a place for code too. And the coding knowledge I do have makes me better at no-code. For example, my learning curve with Webflow would have been WAY steeper had I already had some basics under my belt. So, even when I'm not literally use code, I'm still using that knowledge a fair amount.
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For many use cases, low-code extends the possibilities so much its made No-Code funny sometimes. Really, a lot of things are just flat out impossible or terribly convoluted in No-Code.

Recently there's job that I'm to pull and sort/filter through just some months of data in Integromat. Running that to create CSV files would literally costs more than $50 in operations to pull, keep it running for like 10 min, and who knows if you get the right data. So I built a Python script instead that took 2 min to do the job and we can run it however many times we like.

Another case is a custom way of Streak Counting (streak break if 3 condition aren't met today, then retroactively count current streak), I even forgot how many hours I put into trying to work with native functions. Fun fact: ArrayFormula doesn't go the horizontal way, so what if your data grows both vertically and horizontally? Basically learned Google Apps Script to work on that problem which JavaScript crunched smoothly.

Really dependable for automation and working with data in Python and Javascript. No-Code for good and quick front end deployment. I reckon once workflow has solidified many projects can save $$$$ in Zapier/Integromat costs just by moving to code based Automation or even n8n.
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Hello All,

Today, I created a telegram Bot for my recent project called web3forms.

This bot will listen to bot commands (eg: /start) and then responds based on that. It is quite simple, but Integromat is so powerful as you can do many other cool stuff using their functions.

Check these screenshots on how does this work.

I hope this will be useful for somebody making tools using /no-code.