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Too much to put in here.. but a brief history: html-loving, multidimensional, Qoya dancer + yoga therapist + sound guy + softsided techie + festival producer + organic life + toxic mold survivor. Mama of 3, partner of 1. Flannery O! Hunter S!
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Was searching for affiliate solutions... Saw Ward Sandler 's post but then this is what happens when I click on it. See screenshots.Β 
These are bugs from circle which is still under going through iterations.
Yeh this was a circle bug but fixed now!
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Ben Tossell Can you direct me to the tools, and I'll try my best to do it today? Carrd + ?Β 

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Would love any other input too, from others!
HiΒ KiΒ -- can you explain more about the idea? Do you want people to submit information? Are you thinking text or images? Etc.
Ki replied
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Do you have ideas? Or want to collaborate?
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The idea:

Airtable for bite sized content
User databaseΒ 

Users sign up for a course, select delivery method of email/text/Twitter. Content (2-5min tops) drips straight to them.

Just 1 thing, delivered straight to people as they prefer to receive it. Bypass logins and separate platforms completely.

Big fat "Done!" checkbox when they finish each "bite".

Anybody know if this already exists?
Ki I know this is late but at work, I started to work Arist ( It's a text message course platform. Basically, you can create with text, images and questions. It delivers the course from text, whatsapp and facebook messenger.Β 

I created a course on it for my employer, it works great. And there's a free program.Β 

It's not exactly what you want but comes close.

If you want to add this the email portion, you can create an email sequence on Convertkit or Mailchimp or any other service.Β 

I still can't figure out Twitter piece though. Maybe Arist have some solutions for that.

I hope this helps.
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Hello Makerpad friends!

In light of the CNN arrests/riots/whatever the fuck is happening, I am seeing a HUGE opportunity and need right now to build a one-off site to give people options to take direct action, to take down the billionaires. As a non-violent alternative to putting our bodies in danger on the streets.

Looking for: Libertarians / Anarchists/ XR Rebels / Solarpunks with ideas & skills
Time/Energy: 1-2 hours a day for the next few days

I know this doesn't fit the personality traits of most of the maker crowd, but just by the law of large numbers there must be some of you out there.. :)

A little about me: I'm a multidimensional "multipotentialite" INFP who has 2 speeds: 100mph or zero mph. I don't do half-assed, so for me, it's all in until the project is done. In my crazy life I've done everything from organizing a 3,000 person music/weed festival, to growing performers' pay from $1500 to 20k/night, to launching tight-knit women's spiritual circles that now number in the hundreds, to living a full-time nomad life with 3 kids in tow. Trivia: I've also been on stage with Paul Simon as a mermaid and did a 1 night gig as a Santa's Elf on the arm of Sam Zell. <-HA! I also sold hundreds of organic mattresses, about 10 years ahead of the mass-adoption curve. (Most of this stuff doesn't matter to me at all, but hey, you don't know me yet so you need context!) My proudest achievements are architecting the life of my dreams - I have about 1 item left on my bucket list - and connecting people to ideas & networks that might change their lives. Also supporting others, who are doing the same work!

On a daily basis, I advocate for time wealth, manifesting your own dreams, and spiritual freedom everywhere I go. I don't do any drugs (Taco Bell is my chosen vice) and I barely drink - purely motivated by the sweet nectar of life experiences! And I'm currently on east coast time, but work super early and sometimes in the middle of the night.

If you've stuck with me this far, you're probably a crazy multipotentialite too. ;) Here is my CURRENT VISION:

A simple, beautiful, mobile-first website listing a series of actions that inspire people to start taking REAL steps in their own lives. To start asking better questions. To start moving the river.
All we need is 3.5% of the population to take daily actions, to change the world.

My skills: To gather ideas & people, start the outline, and initiate the project.
Current Assets: I already have many resources, communities, and real people lined up.
Gaps/Needs: Badass visual design skills, PROJECT FINISHERS, and big brains who are excellent at organizing information. Video skills would be a bonus.

I'm not too worried about marketing this, as I actually prefer for it to be shared organically. I've put the pause button on all my personal projects as I consider this a time of planetary emergency.

I'm happy to share my ideas! I believe that the biggest issue is that right now we are still at the very beginning of taking back the web. And with the fate of Twitter v. Trump in the hands of who-knows-who, it's difficult to mobilize all the different networks right now, in any organized fashion. I'm working on it - I actually consider it my personal Spaceship Earth [Buckminster Fuller] Directive, but in the meantime... WE NEED TO EMPOWER OTHERS TO ACT.

If you're intrigued AND interested in participating, please get in touch! Feel free to reply here, but also please tweet at me - I suck at dealing with notifications - at TheWarmFzzy [it's a new account as I've been off social media for 7 years]. Send me your best times to meet online in the next few days, and I'll gather the peeps!

Much love to you all,
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For the biggest brains out there. 🀣

In light of blatant Twitter and Fb censorship [the overnight deletion of David Icke's non-violent 1+ million follower account, #NeverBiden going from #1 to gone in 4 hours] that I have personally witnessed...

How hard would it be to build a truly distributed social media, via RSS feeds and microblogs?Β 

As in wake up, make coffee, and open your personal wall of "latest news" that you have created yourself, through personal connection?

Assuming a bunch of us have our own easily accessible feeds and blogs, it /feels/ like an easy thing to build.Β 

Whatcha all think?
Hey Ki, how do you see a user getting started?
As in:
Step 0: Learn about the app
Step 1: Download it
Step 2: ?

Basically I'm trying to understand if what you're describing is more media aggregator or social media platform.
That's a very interesting topic you're bringing up.

The more time passes, the more I believe in the robustness, efficiency and usefulness of distributed models.

One way I think about it would be to kind of mimic the git distribution model.
This would entail having your content available as a repository that anyone could fetch and host themselves.

The question this begs is how about discovery? This is the central issue to me, as it seems you have to have a central source or aggregator that indexes content (like GitHub for source code).
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I realize this is probably like Legos for most of you... but I actually managed to build something that's been in my head forever.
u: guest
p: #made

I'm guessing the specific embeds won't show up for anyone else, but yeah. All in 1 place.Β 

More to add tomorrow! :D
ha that is awesome! I see the Makerpad embed πŸ˜ƒ (because I'm logged in obviously)

Whats the idea behind this Ki?
I tried your link but it asks for a login/password.
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Worldschooling, full-time-traveling, FI-er.

I am in LOVE with the no-code movement. Struggling to find free time to learn as I find myself suddenly pulled back into working around the clock, because of all the recent "stuff"...Β  Really not sure what else to call it!

Right now, building an online co-working space for my people. Which includes artists, physical co-working spaces (ironic, yes) and entrepreneur mamas & papas tryin to work from home. Since Seth Godin's Akimbo hasn't figured it out yet, I figured I'd better just make one.

Also, as of this week, I discovered Possibly the most useful thing to get my Aspiebrain unstuck, EVER.Β 

And finally, to anyone I met about a year ago while we were in Uruguay, I apologize. I was severely ill with toxic mold, and didn't know it. Chances are I won't remember you, but it's when I first started really diving into Open Startups, No-code, and falling back in love with tech. It's been a long journey.Β 

Happy to be here with you all!