Sean Tierney

Founder Grid7 & Charity Makeover
Founder of, & Host of I live in Lisbon, PT half the year and travel the other half. Enjoy kite surfing, guitar and entrepreneurship. MakerPad wrote this piece on me:
I just published v1 of this app->

This is a Loom video showing what it does:

It’s basically an online estimator where you enter your site’s URL and it hits various API’s in the background to assemble an estimate of the speed improvements and consequent conversion gains for commerce sites as well as savings to hosting bills based on reduced resource usage.

If there’s enough interest I’ll publish a longer video that delves into some of the lessons learned in creating this app.Β  It's built with Adalo for the front-end and uses Integromat on the backend to orchestrate all the various API calls. There is plenty of room to optimize and improve it but I’m now shifting focus to getting some usage of the app before refining it. lmk if you have any questions about how anything works
Here's a loom video.

Quick summary: MVP is feature complete albeit with some wonkiness. Currently blocked by an acknowledged Adalo bug and no documentation on a 3rd party component to handle the friendly URL aspect. Those are the only two blockers so I can still make progress on the outstanding features for v1. Should be on track to get all that done by EOM. It could get pricey with any significant volume given that I had to use Zapier (Integromat discontinued their support for Meetup and the Meetup API requires that you hold a valid Pro account in order to hit their API directly). But that would be a good problem to have ;-)
lmk if you have any questions and feel free to try it out if you want to try distributing a Meetup event near you:
I'm going to build a tool using Adalo & Zapier that enables anyone to "shard" a Meetup across multiple locations to comply with local restrictions on the size of group gatherings. It's baffling that Meetup hasn't already added this capability to its platform.Β  Public Trello board to monitor progress towards v1. #t30
I created Smaller.Events during a hackathon last weekend and have the bugs sufficiently squashed at this point where I feel comfortable to unveil it.

Here is a thorough write-up on the how & why of the problem it solves.Β 

Basically, Meetup hasn't yet adapted its platform to accommodate the new normal of smaller distributed events. This is a time when society is coming out of isolation and is extra-hungry for connection and community but is at a vulnerable state in terms of needing to honor restrictions on group gatherings. Meetup needs to adapt its platform to this new normal. Β 

In absence of them fixing this issue I created a simple, self-serve app that enables anyone to "shard" a Meetup event across multiple overflow locations. This allows for servicing the demand for community (many events have big waitlists) while respecting local restrictions for group gatherings during Covid.Β 

Give it a try with a local Meetup in your area and let me know if you have any questions. And please meet responsibly with a mask, distancing, air hi-fives, etc. cheers
Howdy everyone. Mel from Makerpad did a piece on me about a month ago and it tells my story better than I can.

I was formerly the Director of Sales for Pagely, the premier managed WordPress host and quit my job in February to go full-time on the passion project which I believe to be my life's work. We are now enabling doers around the world to self-organize and pair up with local charities to amplify their effectiveness through contributing projects in a movement very similar to Startup Weekend only via our special hackathon format.Β  We've done 7 of them thus far and you can get a good feel for the flavor of what they are via this 2min video:

We're now navigating the post-Covid world with everyone else and have rapidly converted our event format to be all-remote. I know there are a ton of incredibly talented people in this community and I would love the opportunity to work with each of you on a future event figuring out how to apply your badass nocode skills towards helping these worthy causes.

You can right now see which charities can use your skills by going to and find pitches from the founders and details on what we're building for each.

I'll be posting some of the learnings I have from building our stack with Adalo, Zapier & ActiveCampaign and doing some novel things with each tool. Mixpanel customer journeys is my next conquest as far as what I believe will be the next game-changer for us in terms of highly-personalized, intelligently-timed, cross-channel followup.

If you want more on my backstory and the decision to ditch a very nice job of 5yrs to go all-in on this crazy project read this post on my personal blog. Looking forward to meeting you and hearing your story.Β