Gastón Levy Founder
Digital Marketer, love no code and side projects! Building a remote job board for Latam.

Thinking about moving to Webflow and looking for some inspiration.
So this (quite old) tutorial I did was what inspired heymarketers and a few others. It may be useful!
I remember that great tutorial, will check it again! 
Are you from Latam and been working with nocode?

Here we can share ideas, tools, and discuss how to grow nocode in Latam / Spanish.
I'm Gastón from Buenos Aires, have here a digital marketing agency and love nocode world.
I run a remote job board for Latam, made with nocode tools.

Happy to be part of this incredible community!
Welcome Gastón Levy

We always have lots of conversation in our community about building job boards so happy to have you join us!
Hey hey Gaston!

Good to see you here and love the work on WeRemoto!