I work on the product team at DuckDuckGo and have built stoopinbox.com and zebra.page
πŸ¦† I work on the product team at DuckDuckGo
πŸ¦“ I recently built a side project called Zebrapage
πŸ“₯ Before that I built a side project called Stoop
🎟️ Before that I ran a company called Ticketleap
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ I live in Ambler, PA (a suburb of Philly)

It's Zebrapage that motivated me to join the Makerpad community. I describe it as "the easiest way to sell your Stripe products," and I think it has a place in the no code tool belt. I had some time off over the holidays and used it to see if I could build it. As almost never happens, my "I think I could do this in 2 weeks" estimate actually came true πŸ˜€.

I would love any feedback from anyone here or tips on what features to add to make it a more useful no code tool.
Thanks ο»Ώ Ben Tossell ο»Ώ. There hasn't really been a huge no-code movement inside DuckDuckGo. We use Asana as our main company brain to track our objectives and the work being done on them. There has been some use of the no-code automations that can be done through that platform, but, nothing else that springs to mind.

Is there something user facing that you think we should be doing in terms of no-code? Something we could do on the search engine or through our mobile browser? Open to ideas!
Ben Tossell replied
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HiΒ ο»Ώ Tim ο»Ώ, I downloaded Stoop a while back and still have it on my phone. Great concept!Β 
Tim replied
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welcomeΒ ο»Ώ Tim ο»Ώ - would love to hear if no-code has gotten into the behind the scenes at duckduckgo. Seems like 2020 was a huge year for you guys.

Zebrapage is super interesting - always looking at ways to make stripe more no-code-y