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Entrepreneur (창업가), http://tkim.co
Iteratively built and validated a TV-mobile business until Google banned the technology for the past 7 years. After having sold the IPs, now I'm looking for a fast-growing business opportunity.
I heard somebody talked about the limit of Zapier before; he said that only 10-20% of all possibility is cover by Zapier, so serious automation requires programming with API.

Can somebody with experience tell me your opinion about this?

It's entirely dependant on what you're trying to do... there isn't a hard % on it.
Impossible to put a number on it but most platforms, particularly Integromat and Zapier give you two ways to drastically increase the coverage without having native modules. To do this you will need some basic to intermediate knowledge of APIs.

For performing actions, both platforms have a way to make API requests to any URL with whatever parameters you chose. That would extend the coverage by a lot as long as the tool you are using has an API.

Triggers are more work but it is doable. The tool you are using has to support webhooks and you'd follow whatever their docs say to set them up so they point to the URL you set up in Zapier or Integromat.

For example, Mailerlite has a "Subscriber created" trigger in Zapier but all of my automation was in Integromat. So I looked up the docs for webhooks, made a single request using Postman that told MailerLite to send "Subscriber created" events to a Webhook listener I setup in Integromat.
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I spent the entire last week to find a tool to extract data from Jejuair.net.
  • Dexi.io and Octoparse.com both fail like the above video (it’s 3min, so take a look for fun).
  • Parsehub.com just stopped when loading the page.
  • Automatio.co looks promising and I’m looking forward to the upcoming features but currently it doesn’t work for the webpage.
  • The problem is that the site uses AJAX and hides the URLs inside it by using Javascript. Because of this, Dexi.io and Octoparse both can extract the data in the workflow (or bot) editor for a single detail page, but when I run the entire workflow they can’t get the data.
Can somebody help me on this?

Nowadays people make a lot of websites. Is there any no-code ad platform that can be easily added to the page without the knowledge about digital ads in-depth?
I'm not aware of such ad platforms but as far I know, integrating ads is super easy. You can simply add a piece of code, usually, 1-10 lines and you'll be good to go.
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Hi everyone!

I found a bunch of web scraping tools that need no developer knowledge, but I've not found any tool to reversely get data from my own Google sheet and then input them into a website that has neither a bulk data import function nor a data import API. put them in pre-defined places on a website (like we do on a Google form).  

Do you know any tool to automate this manual input to a website from my sheet?
Tae Kim (김태현) check out Parabola.io 

I’ve used it to import large amounts of data straight into the Webflow CMS in a matter of minutes from google sheets, CSV files and Airtable too 

I think you can try https://www.sheet2site.com 
Hmm. Probably my poor English has confused many ones :-(

Anyway, I found Automatio.co, which does the exact thing that I'd like to do. You can watch that Automatio.co builds a bot that posts a blog automatically in the following video:

Basically, I'd like to have this kind of automation -- which does not use API. But I'd like to get data from Google Sheet for this type of bot-like automation so that I can repeat the actions for a set of data.

You might think this as you want to write a job description to multiple job-boards that do not support API access.

Unfortunately, Automatio.co would charge me $900/year, which I can't afford. So if you guys find an alternative, please share it with me.
My friend set up a page for HR managers using Webflow and Memberstack. But he's struggling to get some data about who has logged in and how frequently they do. 

Is there any way to get some member access stats from Memberstack?
Now I'm working on my consulting project for an ad agency -- they want to collect videos and metadata and want to search on a single central website. I really really don't want to spend my time building a web interface, but it seems that I have to. So my choice is to use Webflow to build a webpage that can embed Instantsearch.js which is basically a web widget provided by Algolia. 

Anyone has a better idea? 

Hello everyone!

I'ts exciting to be with you here -- Thanks a lot for your efforts to build this community, Ben.

I quit my PhD program in UIUC in 2011 and co-founded my first startup, Soundlly in 2012. It was about ultrasound communication for every device with microphones and speakers. My daily active users that time hit 2.5M, but I had to close the firm last year because of the Google Play policy change -- which banned the use of a microphone in the background.

Now I'm part of the 500 Startups Korea team, but spending 95% of my time looking for my second business idea. While doing so, I've accumulated some insights about Product-Market Fit and how I can find one -- mostly from other great startup founders and my own experiences. I've looked into the Korean real-estate market, financial sector, healthcare, to name a few.  

My latest interest lies in the area of no-code tools and how I can build a big business on that trend. To actually get involved, now I'm consulting two small companies in Korea where they have no IT resources at all -- one full-service ad agency and one for setting up blind dates. 

Hope to share my no-code and building startup stuff and get some insights from you guys!

You should let me know when visiting Korea (definitely, not now, later :D)!