John Chaplin

Founder - Diagram, Foundri
Probably the oldest here. Lol, but loving the nocode revolution!

A quick summary:
  • Background in product design and app development
  • Founded and run Digital Agency - Fusion for 20 years and sold to WPP
  • Founded Diagram - Digital Product Studio
  • Founded Foundri - Manufacturing marketplace (in development) and looking for the best tools for this. Webflow / Memberstack or Bubble etc.

Great to see a familiar face John Chaplin! You’ve got a lot to look forward to with the fantastic community Ben Tossell and the team have built here.

You’ll find a range of case studies & help for assisting with choosing the right tools for your marketplace. I suggest setting up a time to chat withΒ Tom Osman as part of your on boarding too. He’s a legend & super knowledgeable about choosing the best stack πŸ‘πŸ»
Thanks for the tips mate and good to see you on here.
We should probably catch up locally.
Frazer McLeod replied
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