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No code, internal tools :)
If you’ve spent as much time in Sheets as I have, you’ve probably also run up against a key limitation: the data in your Sheet is confined to Google Sheets, and it’s hard to connect that with data in your other business systems, like a database or CRM.

Check out the blog post below to learn how to easily solve this problem!!

Hey everyone,Β 

Sharing this recent blog post we did about overcoming onboarding challenges using no-code tools.Β 

Check it out here:Β https://internal.io/blog/3-common-onboarding-challenges-you-can-solve-with-no-code-tools

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!Β 
Hi everyone! I'm Michael from San Francisco. I'm continuously blown away by the no-code movement and the tools being made and really excited to pick up some new skills. Super excited to see what products come out next.

Anyways, I work at here at Internal (internal.io) we've built a fantastic no-code product that helps teams build the internal tools they need in minutes, without engineering! If anyone is interested, feel free to reach out!
Hey Michael - just want to let you know that the link is broken. Cheers.
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Hey Michael,

Great to have you in the community! Looking forward to learning more about Internal.io and testing out all the great things it can do!Β 
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