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Hey everyone ! I am a new solofounder, taking this year to build new SaaS stuff to have fun !
Hey guys,

I hit an issue I do not know how to solve and would like to have your minds to help

I would like to get the list of Amazon products which delivers to a specific country.

The only idea I get is to set the address on Amazon, and automatically scrap if the product can be delivered in the specified address

Do you think of any other way of doing this ?
If there is no API from Amazon for that, then your only solution might be the web automation & scraping.
Frederick replied
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Hi all ! I am Fred and I am from Lyon (France).

I am a former developer πŸ’», then project leader, data engineer, scrum master, product owner, solution consultant and now just recently a solofunder of ICK Solutions

This mothership will help me build and promote my ideas. I just started with (Substack Newsletters search engine) and (based on LAG Stack : Landing Page, Airtable, Gumroad)

I am currently at the beginning of the promotion part of metero, just getting prospect profiles from Linkedin (thanks to Phantombuster), curating them manually with Excel before mass connection requests 🀝

I am happy to be part of this fantastic community and learn new stuff with you πŸ˜€

Hi Frederick,

Very interesting things you've been working on. Also nice to see projects fully localised. I'm also curious on how to use Code to supercharge No-Code as I'm getting confidence to take on these sort of projects for others.
Frederick replied
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