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Low-Code Evangelist

[Low-Code Live Builds] Creating HubSpot + Zendesk Customer Success Tool on DronaHQ

We will be building a low-code tool for custom success teams. The tool will integrate with a CRM like HubSpot and a Ticket Management System like Zendesk to get the best out of your existing systems and create helpful tools for customer success teams.

In just under 45 minutes you can explore how quick and simple it is to connect disparate systems and build powerful internal tools on DronaHQ.

You can register at:

The session is on May 13, 2021, starts at 3:30 pm CET.

If you are leading customer success, or you are a developer, a product manager, engineering, digital consultant, citizen developer, no-code/low-code enthusiast - I urge you to drop by this Live Build Session.

Live Frontend Designing Session

Say hello to the future of frontend design! πŸ’»
Join the Live Frontend Design Session of Employee Self Service Portal. Learn how easily can frontend developers and designers leverage the power of low-code to build a theme like Workday Control Centre in 30 minutes!

Register Here:

Date: 6 May 2021, Thursday
Time: 6 pm IST / 8:30am ET

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[How to] Build GUI for Google Sheets

Check out how Jinen Dedhia, Co-founder of DronaHQ, built a GUI for Google Sheets data in less than 30 minutes!

Dive in to see the power of low-code >

Integrating SendGrid with DronaHQ

Get reliable email delivery using SendGrid API integration now! You can combine it with automation, CRM, and database to explore its endless possibilities.

Read here!

Integrating Airtable with Low-Code Platform

Need to create an app for your Airtable database? πŸ€”
Here is a quick solution!

Whether be it an admin panel or sales dashboard, get a unified view of your data to make quick yet critical decisions.

Custom Refund Tool for Customer Support Teams Using Low-Code

A custom refund tool helps support teams to bridge the gaps in most refund management processes with a single interface. The tool gives a complete view of customer details, live tickets, and due refunds. Without looking up across multiple systems and then logging in to Stripe, the CS teams can issue full or partial refunds to customers, cancel payments, and automatically send notifying emails via SendGrid.

[How To] Build a Customer Support Tool on DronaHQ

Whether you are a customer success manager, sales head, or product manager, you will find your team spending time on manual tasks. This can be simplified if a customer-integrated tool connects the CRM to ticket management system to payment and refund system.

There are huge disconnects between day-to-day sales and customer support tools – Stripe, Shopify, Database, Email records, Notes, and so on. This results in delays, loss of productivity, and poor analytics.

In this article, we go over the process of building a custom internal tool for customer support teams.