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Workflows (cloneable tech-stacks)?

Hi all,

Apologies in advance if this is an obvious answer but as I'm due to start the basics course next week, wasn't sure exactly what this meant?Β  In the welcome email, it says

"Add workflows (cloneable tech-stacks that you can save on the site)"

Is this sort of like Zapier's zaps?Β  Or are these our own internal no-code tools that we've pieced together that we might want to repurpose for something else?Β  If so, are there also publicly available ones?Β  For example could we all clone, say, Makerpad itself but repurpose for our plumber's training courses or teacher's training courses and community?

Thanks in advance!

No-code experiences with large amount of traffic?

Hi all, first time posting to the forum and looking forward to becoming a fellow positive contributing member to the community.

I LOOVE the no-code movement and all the great tools but one area that has been concern for me is the ability for any platform to handle sudden bursts of high traffic.Β  Also using the native databases vs an external one such as Airtable/SQL is another area I've been considering but have been hearing different reviews of how some work better than others.Β  So curious if anybody here has real life experiences, good or bad, and how to deal with that worst case scenario where you get PR but your app fails to deliver.Β  What's the contingency plan?

Thanks in advance,
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