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Hi there!

For my friend and I, newsletters became the go-to source for learning from domain experts like Packy McCormick who writes Not Boring, Lenny Rachitsky, or Stratechery’s Ben Thompson.

But we think there should be a better reading and learning experience that also helps with the newsletter fatigue so we started working on a newsletter reader as a side project.


We spent the past few weeks validating the idea, spoke with over 20 potential users to better understand the problem, and have a clickable prototype in Figma.

Right now, we’re deciding whether it is feasible to build the first MVP on Bubble, utilizing the Gmail API. If you’re looking to get involved with a side project, or just have some time to chat/brainstorm, please let us know!
Β Hey ο»Ώ Juraj Pal ο»Ώ, I'm currently working on developing my Bubble superpowers. If you need help or want to chat, feel free to DM me on Twitter.Β 
HiΒ ο»Ώ Juraj Pal ο»Ώ, I think this could be built in Bubble with an automation to fetch from Gmail.

BTW .... Have you explored consolidating RSS feeds?
HeyΒ ο»Ώ Juraj Pal ο»Ώ just wanted to say that this is a really interesting idea.Β 

The experience of reading newsletters in email inboxes is pretty crap. Email inboxes are not designed for careful reading, which is what most good newsletters deserve.

So if you're able to build a product that solves this, while keeping the personal nature of email intact, I can see this getting a lot of traction.

We're already seeing this with Substack in a way.

If you want to talk the marketing side of things, send me a DM, I'd be up for brainstorming about this : )
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