Tyler Tringas

Founder, Earnest Capital
I frequently find myself accidentally creating two separate tables (maybe via two different forms) with various information about people. I love to be able to link them after the fact via an email field or some other exactly matching field. Kinda like a VLOOKUP in Excel/Sheets. Is this possible in Airtable or should I just be better at designing my forms?
Hey, what's up Tyler! Your best bet is to first link those 2 tables together using Airtables "Linked record" field using a unique field. Once the tables are linked, you can use Lookup and Rollup functions to pull data from one table into another.

You might have to do a bit of manual work to get the second table formatted to link with the first, but it should be possible. Happy to take a look if you can share the base you're working on.Β 

Zapier might be your friend here watching for new records in your tables and run a "find record" action in the other table using that exact matching field (email is my go-to field to mix and match).
A little late to the game here Tyler but there are a few ways do to this. You should create a contact table with email as the primary field and then turn the email field in every _other_ table to a linked record linking the new contact table.

From there you can lookup all of the information in the other tables into your new contact table.

This will _fix_ your problem but really the best thing to do here is to create a clean contact table. If you're adding new info about folks (data coming from another platform or forms) and want to add to this existing table automatically, you can use the Zapier search action.

Happy to look at your table if you need more help here!


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