Ruchika Abbi

I am huge proponent of leveraging No-Code and deliver products rapidly! When you work with me, you get my 20+ years of B2C / B2B experience, applied to rapid application delivery with No-Code.

Any gamification tools that can be integrated with User profiles in no code tools?

I have a course work app that I'm building.. Any tools that I could use to incorporate gamification?
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Payments for order placed through SMS

Any suggestions on how to manage payments wherein credit card details are taken one time.Β  Post that payment is made only through replying yes/no on an SMS.Β  So if a customer wants to pay they just have to reply Yes on the SMS. I am not sure how payment integration should be executed in this case.

Is there a scheduling tool that doesn't require email to be given by the person booking an appointment?

I didn't realise this would be so difficult to find. I've looked up plenty of time scheduling/booking tools. But all of them require an email to be shared at the time of booking a slot.Β 
Hoping to find one which give the option to give phone numbers instead of emails.Β 

Has anyone used a cloud AI offering in their no code projects?

If you've used any of the cloud AI offerings in your projects, do share the tools you used.


Hi I'm Ruchika - Solution Architect

Hello all!

I've been working with SMBs and am very keen to showcase that NoCode solutions can unlock value without expensive investments in tech.

I've been in the industry for last 20 years as a programmer, entrepreneur, product manager and now Solution Architect. At least that's the word I feel that fits best to what I do now. Which is, leveraging No-Code and delivering products rapidly for the problems in SMBs.Β 

How's the day been for you?
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