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Building Overfit.AI
Hey Ben Tossell or anyone else running a community built on Circle - do you know if you can set new member notifications off by default?

I'm building Overfit.AI and am nervous new members will get a bit annoyed if they get slammed with emails soon after signing up. 
Hey Chris - I'm also new to circle but from what I've seen, the notification settings look to set at a "spaces" level. See pic, scroll down. Ben Tossell may have more info.
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Comparing the best ways to take loans against your cryptocurrency hasn’t been super easy, until now! Check out

Built for a client entirely on Webflow and uses some affiliate links - any feedback appreciated!
Inspiring work. The website looks like it provides value right of the bat. Very impressed by the subtleness of the affiliate links. To be honest, I didn't even think I was getting redirected to a completely different site.
A past client just partnered with Ellen Pao (former CEO of Reddit) and Tracy Chou (CEO of Block Party), to create an essential Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion text message course for early-stage startups.

If you have a few seconds to upvote on Product Hunt it would mean a ton!
I need a tool (no code preferred) that can match a customer’s saved preferences to many live options & make a suggestion

A work-around would be a formula in google sheets or airtable that acts like a “matching algorithm” for all the data - but I would prefer running the data through a no-code tool in a Zapier step and ending with the suggestion.

Any ideas?
Can you provide more context? 

Is this taking place on a website? Within a form or quiz?
Saved preferences will be transferred from a user's dashboard (Webflow+Memberstack) to Google Sheets or Airtable. To simplify, a simple form on a website can make the request and the suggestion could be sent to their email. The list of options will be in a simple JSON format in zapier with from api request. BUT - I'm stuck trying to figure out how the suggestion will be made intelligently by considering the user's preferences.
Today we launched theguidebook! - the world’s first centralized resource for educating yourself and taking action against social and racial inequality.

In light of the protests breaking out around the US, we thought Juneteenth (June 19th, the anniversary of the liberation of those who had been held as slaves in the US) was a perfect day to get this launched!

I have been helping the team get this built over the past several weeks using Webflow, Airtable, and many other no-code tools. Any feedback/advice would be appreciated for sure - If you have a resource to add, it would be more than welcome! - chrome on desktop is best!

I thought a better virtual escape room could be built with Webflow, Miro, and more no-code tools, check out the site and feel free to share any feedback/ideas 🚀
oooo love that you're doing it this way and collecting feedback in the same format. 
Haha thought it would at least tell me if people were interested!
Cool idea Tom Osman! Do you think it would be okay if everyone had their own chatbot? Tried a few ways to have it be the same live chatbot for everyone but no luck yet 🤷‍♂️ - After finding it a bit difficult to find protests, I decided to make a centralized Protest Map. I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions!

Built using Webflow, Airtable, Google Sheets and Mapbox 🌎

Looks beautiful. I built something with similar functionality (I think?) via Glide and Google Sheets / Map Box. SidewalkDrinks:
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great use of mapbox! was it easy to do? 

I'd definitely look at seeding some protests initially. Also the 'add protest' form showed up straight away for me - is that intentional?
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