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Did a simple training on Amazon Honeycode yesterday. Was impressed. Definitely some big competition for more mature platforms, but, if I know Amazon, they could catch up quickly. Thoughts from others?
Adalo, Glide, Stacker, More...
Really interesting - I haven't come across that before. Who do you think they are competing with? - a combination of zapier, airtable, integromat perhaps. I haven't tried it out but I can see this taking off with established business on the AWS platform. 
Hi Maker-padders - I am looking for a service that could take a Base64 image string and provide a file. Preferably in Zapier, Integromat etc.

Seems like a simple task, in code at-least. Thoughts?
Hey Matt!

CloudConvert should be able to do this but would need to check the connectors in Zapier or Integromat!
Hey Tom - Thanks for the reply. Looks like Zapier and Integromat apps only handle files as input, not a string of characters. Any other ideas? Looks like I may need to drop out to code for this one...
Tough one for today... I have an Excel spreadsheet (xlsx) that has some basic formulas (mostly concatenation) that cross reference each other in about 10 different sheets. I need an easy way to update a few cells in 2 of the sheets and have all the formula's applied to the values in all the other sheets and then export the entire workbook to csv files or something readable by python.

Sounds like this one would be outside of my spreadsheet knowledge but maybe Parabola could help with this?

Could bring in all sheets into one flow and combine / compute all the things you need to in there and export to CSV (or other).
Sounds like bringing this over to google sheets and using the =IMPORTRANGE() or simply other tabs for the reference aspect would be perfect. You can easily export as CSV from google sheets once it's set up, I've done this a few times for clients and it's pretty simple to bring together
Thanks for all the comments. I ended up converting to Google Sheets. Tried to stick to no-code tools for processing, but was inconsistent (Zapier detecting new rows having been added) Also, I found myself using 3-5 services for something pretty simple and it was getting very confusing to keep them all straight. In the end, I turned to python ( and gspread ( and 75 lines of code. I learned that when you need ultimate flexibility, code can give you that. Plus, for this small task, there are no hosting services.

Also, it is much more difficult to use nocode tools with a non-flexible goal. If you have a goal that is more flexible, then nocode tools might be able to help.

Through my experience, there is still a place for code.
Hi nocoders, I am looking for a service that I can use to automate combining either MS Word files or PDFs. We have a system where a binder of documents are managed, reviewed and approved. Once approved, I need to be able to use a service to send the word or PDF files to that would combine them in order. Zapier compatible would be nice, but not a requirement.
I think I have a path forward. Integromat has a template that will look to a google drive folder and combine all the PDFs in the folder using CloudConvert. This seems close to what I need.

Tom Osman replied
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There's a PDF combiner in but not sure how to automate it, it's not compatible with Zapier
Would Adalo be the right choice if I wanted to have an app that can download and open PDF files from another system (e.g. Google Drive, etc) that has a REST API?
Hey  Matt I was actually super curious about this and I think I made it work! Here's a sample of this:

there are two buttons. one to download and one to view it in the app. Feel free to make and account and try it out. happy to explain if you think this is what you need!
David - This is extremely helpful. I will be signing up and giving this a try. Any tips or tricks that an Adalo newbie should be aware of?
Just joined Makerpad and super excited to get plugged into the groups. Comp Sci background, Regulated (Life Science) industry for 20 years. Currently in a Sales Engineer role. Many proof's of concepts. Have used many different tools. Excited to learn about how to take my automations to the next level for regulated industry.
Welcome to the community Matt, hope you enjoy and get some value from it.
Hey Matt.

Has been good to meet you and glad to see you diving in!
Hi Matt,

Welcome to the community. What are your favorite tools for proofs of concepts? 
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