'Experiments in Entrepreneurship
Passionate about spotting trends and creating businesses. Upping my game in 2021 and embarking on a year long, self directed MBA focusing on business ideation, product development and marketing.
Hey Fabulous People!

I signed up just before Christmas,  upgraded to Pro just before New Year and finally getting round to actually introducing myself!

I'm Michelle (the name above was a clue!) I'm right at the start of my official no code journey after many a year of frustrated coding or just plain giving up on ideas because I couldn't figure it out or afford someone to code it so apologies in advance for all the dumb questions coming your way.

After a lifetime of being an entrepreneur, I've spent the last couple of years back in the trenches doing client work due to the need for some more financial security / time freedom because of ill health in the family. 2021 is all about getting my entrepreneurial groove back on and start building fast, failing fast and start building up the wins!

Looking forward to learning, getting challenged and bringing those ideas that have been stacking up to life!
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