Matthew Snyder

Founder @ Mainstage Gaming Network
I am your typical ADHD, Dyslexic, obsessively curious, contrarian, bad culture fit. If you like to make break things and make things, reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Hey - I'm Matt

I'm Matt, and I consider myself a generalized specialist. I had an idea to create 'LinkedIn for Gamers' because the only way to get connected with other gamers is through in-game random matchmaking. I decided to call my idea Mainstage Gaming Network. I started Mainstage with no business experience or education and no technology experience or education. Somehow, two and a half years later, I have raised money, hired engineers, and we are creating an interest-based matchmaking platform to automate planning location-based gaming events.

I am looking for some mentorship and guidance as I dive into the no-code world to help get some of the ideas out of my brain (ADHD problems) and experiment a bit. If you are intersted in gaming, doing cool things, and making new friends, reach out!
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