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Affirmation Generator Build Journal - [May/2021]

Ok, so this is my first experiment building an app and I'm excited to dive into the world of no code. I'll be using Bubble to build an Daily Affirmation Generator.

Basically, I'm solving my own problem. I use affirmations as part of my daily journal in Notion. But I wanted a way to pull a random affirmation that I could embed into a Notion page.

So, I decide to solve my own problem.

I think eventually it will be a web app and a mobile app.

I spent about an hour building the functionality to randomly show an affirmation as well as being able to add your own affirmations.

I will have pre-built affirmations as a starting point, but people will be able to add their own too.

Now to add a login screen and make it pretty.Β 
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