David Perrott

Founder @ Circles in Time
Hey everybody. David here. I'm an applied behavioural scientist and the creator of Circles of Time. I also run a podcast called Sample of One, and work as an independent consultant.
Hey everybody. David here, from Cape Town, South Africa. I'm excited to be a part of this digital community!

I've worked as an applied behavioural science practitioner for the past seven years. Mostly with financial service companies and local governments, here in South Africa, as well as India, Ghana and the UK.

I also run an online programme called Circles in Time, that explores the intersection of applied behavioural science, systems thinking and self-experimentation, a newsletter called The Weekly Circle and a podcast called Sample of One

If you're interested in the link between behavioural science, systems for personal development and codeless digital tools, let's connect!
Hey David! 

Welcome! Would love to see some studies and learnings from the world of behavioural science that could help people to build better products and understand their target customer more!