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Woah.. we are both surprised and delighted to hear the news!

Congrats Kieran - Nocodelife ,Β  Jason K , and everyone else who submitted!

Watching NEO Coach grow from an idea to an initial product alongside everyones awesome projects has been such a great experience for us. This Makerpad community, with its constant creativity, feedback and inspiration, has definitely given us added motivation and confidence to pursue this further.Β 

Really humbled with the results and a huge thank you to the Makerpad team and judges for setting up such a fun and exciting challenge.

Let us know if you have any questions or just want to chat, we'll be here!

Hey folks, Andrew Dowd Β and I are looking for some feedback on our #30 challenge!

Sign up and workout with us!

- What we do: 1-1 digital health and fitness coaching
- Why we exist: to help create a world where people live longer, healthier lives
- How we do it: we give coaches superpowers by giving them and their client's seamless tools to deliver personalized, convenient, and motivating services for their clients
- Primary tools used: Webflow (landing page), Bubble (web & mobile responsive apps), Protopie (prototype), Figma, Notion

For more details read on...!

Neo Coach provides 1-on-1 digital health and fitness coaching for busy, high performing people.

Most, if not all of us, have experienced the difficulties associated with maintaining a healthy lifestyle in today's busy world. Common issues include:

  • Feeling like we don't have the time to exercise, get enough sleep, or eat well
  • Not knowing what to do and where to go for reliable, trustworthy information
  • Struggling with low motivation, positive habit formation, and staying consistent
  • Existing offerings are often ineffective, out of budget, inflexible to our schedules, or don't account for our individual needs
That's where Neo Coach comes in. We want to combine the benefits of an expert coach (think ultimate accountability, reliable advice, and personal touch) with a seamless, digital experience (think flexibility on your terms, true personalization with wearable devices & 24-7 insights).

Throughout August we focused on discovery work (lots of interviews with coaches & prospective clients) and creating a landing page to test demand. This month (September) we have been building our MVP - perfect timing for the T30 competition! To get to where we are today, we have used a combination of Notion (research repository), Figma (design), Webflow (landing page), and Bubble (web app for coaches and a mobile-friendly app for clients).

You can check out our website and sign up to do some workouts and see what we've builtΒ 

Right now, our core features include:

  • Onboarding (clients)
  • Weekly workout and task management (trainers & clients)
  • Workout delivery (clients)
  • Profile section (clients)
  • Progress section (clients)
  • Chat (trainers & clients)
  • Plan, workout & exercise creation & editing (trainers)
Up next on our roadmap

  • Improvements on the above based on user activity & feedback (let us know what you think!)
  • Activity logs
  • Integration of Fitbit
  • Trainer UI revamp
  • And more TBD...
Right now we want to learn and improve for our users. With that, we would love feedback! You can work out today by signing up on our website. Feel free to reach out to us and we would be more than happy to help in any way we can. We have free consultations for a select few :).

Feel free to reach out to us here on Makerpad or contact us via email - and

We also have a Notion wiki which you can check out

Our theme song for the month of September during build - thank us later!Β 

Great work on the app & also the video and write-up!Β 

App looks really well done with some great content!Β 
Luke Kavanagh replied
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Great video walkthrough of the entire solution both for the clients and the coaches!

Luke Kavanagh replied
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ahhhhmaaaazing!Β  incredibly full featured product you have built here lads, really impressive.

are you still offering discounts for fellow makerpadders???  😁
Things are ramping up as we come closer to the deadline!
Andrew Dowd and I have been doing some heavy grafting on the Trainer side of the app. We have locked down a structural sitemap and come up with a solution that will successfully...
01 - Deliver workout plans to clients.
02 - Allow chat between trainer and client
03 - Give insights to client progress
04 - Build a relationship between trainer and client.

We are very excited to show you all Neo Coach 🀩

Follow for more updates on twitter: Andrew, Luke, Neo Coach
Sign up to trial our app by DM'ing me or sign up atΒ  πŸ˜€
Feedback desired across the board.Β 

We have learned a bunch over the past week testing potential clients. One of the tricky pain points that has come up is exercise timing. Audio queue's will hopefully help with keeping the client stay at the same pace as the trainer that walks them through the workout. #T30 Andrew Dowd

Check out a snippet of the product on twitter!

We are building a web app for coaches to serve their clients and a mobile app for busy people like you to do workouts anywhere, anytime
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