Hello Makerpad community!

My name is Sol and its great to join this community.

  • I am a founder of a stealth no-code startup building a platform for production enterprise applications.
  • Before that I was a lead product manager at Workday(enterprise company who uses no-code internally)
  • Before Workday, I was a product manager at Pega(enterprise low-code company)
  • I also worked on various startups as a product manager.

I have been just reading articles here but wanted to introduce myself and learn more about what you are all building.
If you have a use case which seem too complex for current no-code tools, I would love to learn more.

Thanks and looking forward to engaging with the community!
HiΒ ο»Ώ Sol Eun ο»ΏΒ , welcome! Would love to hear more about how Workday used no-code internally.Β