Hey No-Code genuises! Quick question for y'all. Currently scoping out a project for a website prospect who wants to be able to display real-time reporting of their trading bots performance. Something like this: https://app.stackedinvest.com/marketplace/bots

Anyone got ideas as to how this could be done using No-Code tools? I'm guessing some combo of Google Sheets, Zapier, and a chart tool embedded in their web page would do the trick. Trying to avoid bringing a dev in, but can def do that if needed.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!Β 
Hey John, depending on what you’re using for your website design & build. The part 4 in this Memberstack tutorial by Duncan.


Obviously ignore the fact that it’s Memberstack, but the design of the dashboard and all of the code that goes with it is cloneable and pretty lowCode stepping through how to tweak the chart.jsΒ to match the designs you may be after. It’s well documented and all responsive too

Hope this gets the ball rolling for you mate
Thanks for the link Frazer - really appreciate it! I'm building the website on Wordpress using Divi (page builder), which gives decent scope for custom code. I'll run through the tutorial and see how it looks πŸ™‚
Hey John,

You could also use something likeΒ https://snapboard.io/ as that would be great for pulling in info from Google Sheets.Β 
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