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I am an Idea guy, a strategist and SaaS/PaaS experimentalist. I am a gritty, bootstrapped Solopreneur that believes "Community" is the fundamental core value proposition of the Internet.

Time vs. T30

Waking up today realizing I've got 10 days left to turn something in. Sweet mother of mercy, where does the time go?!?

I never did post what I planned to build for the competition... because I was not sure which of my ideas I wanted to leverage. I'm still not 100% settled. My ideas have been a contiguous ever-changing blob in my mind for many years as I've awaited for the no-code wave to arrive. Now is my chance to stitch them together into a "something."

Amplifying that lack of focus is the reality of time... or lack of it. I'm not sure what your regular life schedule is (feel free to share below) but here's my current scenario:

  • Up at ~4a M-F ~6a on Weekends
  • 30 minute home Yoga session beginning ~4:20 (I highly recommend, BTW)
  • Prep for day job. (Account rep for skilled trades staffing company)
  • Generally work 7:30-6 M-F
  • Family time and dinner and evening yoga usually done around 9p
  • Did I mention we're up again at 4a?!? Pretty dead in the head after 9p :-\
  • Saturday's belong to my 4yr old Grandson until roughly 5p (and he's a wild one)
  • Lisa and I are pretty worn out after Jack is gone on Saturdays (she teaches 6th grade)
  • When I get beyond the desire to vegetate for a bit, Saturday night and Sunday are available when there are no family events.

The good news is we're no-code which means I CAN ship a product with lightning speed. And, I still hold out hope that I'll pull it off by the September 28th deadline.

These are my time challenges. What are yours?!?

#T30 #Challenge product/service TBD

I'm a bit undecided as to what I want to try and focus on if I can carve out the time from my FTE and family. (That's always the challenge, isn't it?) I've got a few ideas, just need to settle on one.

I look forward to getting to know many of you amazing makers.

If you're interested in my low-code/no-code origins, I have a few links which tell the story, albeit poorly. Thanks, in advance, for reading between the lines as low-code/no-code was not a "thing" back then. I definitely knew it would be. Though I did not realize it would take a decade to get here.

Here are the links:
http://hire.jimcanto.com (done on Notion)

https://twitter.com/JimCanto/status/1166702100371263488 (SlideShare)

https://www.tonic.ventures/low-code-no-code-background-2008-jim-canto (Zoho Sites)

https://www.youtube.com/user/medXcentral/videos (help vids made with Jing/TechSmith)
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