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Hi. I'm a keen NoCode community member & helper. I'm especially into: Webflow, Integromat and Airtable & many more tools. Mostly, I πŸ’œ unleashing creativity and helping people to free their minds πŸ‘
When a local client, a fresh food supplier / Green Grocer to the public, asked us to create an MVP to test out an idea for their business, we knew we had to build it in Adalo - an awesome PWA and native app builder.

Annie's idea is to test the local market to see if there is a need for "express deliveries" i.e. a same-day delivery service of Daily Offers in the form of everyday items like cheese, fruit, veg, coffee and more and whether people will pay the delivery fee required to make the idea viable.

After discussing the specific app requirements with Annie's, we decided to build an Airtable backend to make their life easier and to automate as much of the ordering & fulfilment process as possible.

Since Annie's need to update their Daily Offers every day (makes sense!) they can install the Airtable app on their phones and access the database we built for them that way.

They can also see the incoming orders, pick and pack, and mark them as complete. All in all, we built a lot of functionality into this MVP but only because Adalo is so powerful - all without code. Long live NoCode app builders!

Video walkthrough here for anyone interested:

Watch Video (10:21)

P.S. Quick update: the launch may be delayed (by the client) until next week rather than today. I mean, who ships at 2:15pm on a Friday anyway? πŸ‘‹
Excellent workΒ Glenn McWhinney. I have been exploring Adalo as well and I find It quite simple to build simple apps. There is some common functionality missing at the moment like social login, location awareness, video etc., but Adalo is actively releasing features. I have voted for few features myself and if you need something to be prioritized, here is the link to their roadmap.
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Adalo is looking more and more awesome. I've left mobile app builders to one side as I come from the mobile space and I never thought what was available can deliver anything close to what a native app is like (product management in mobile for the last 8 years) - however I'm starting to have my assumptions challenged.

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Hi Adalo users + possible team members! I'm soon to launch our first Adalo built app to the wild for a client but more recently, I have observed slowness with the app in the front-end mostly.

For example, a Toggle Switch can take several seconds to change its state (empty heart icon to filled icon, for example) or an "Added to Cart" counter doesn't update fast enough to show that the selected product has just been added to the cart so the user is likely to try again and add too many units to the cart.

What experiences have people had with performance on their Adalo apps please? Is this a recent thing or ongoing? Is there a fix in sight? Etc.

I'm currently rebuilding the app in Glide as a back-up plan but Glide is not as flexible (IMO) as Adalo especially around the cart and checkout and payment options in Stripe.

Cheers all.Β 
Hey Glenn McWhinney !

Thanks for the feedback, this actually validates a huge project we’re working on right now. At the moment there are two large development projects in process: Component Marketplace & App Performance.Β 

Speaking about the latter β€” with the recent spike in Adalo apps there has been a little bit of slowness around some of the loading & actions (side note: toggles in particular are not great; you might want to switch that toggle to two buttons with conditional visibility for the two states) but we’re working to make our apps exceed professional loading standards.Β 

Having done a performance project at a previous tech company there are 2 overall aspects to make the user experience better in terms of performance. There's the true load times (technically how long it takes to get the data back) and then there's the user experience of the load time (what the user perceives of the loading time). In my experience you have to focus on both of these and actually sometimes it's the second category that actually makes a bigger difference. So throughout the next few months we will be continuously making a ton of changes that increase the loading times as well as make it appear faster (adding skeleton loading states, spinners on buttons, smoother transitions, etc).

Personally, I’m sorry that you're experiencing some loading issues at the moment. It’s one of our biggest focuses right now. No-code shouldn't just be faster to build; it should be faster to load too β€” and we're striving to achieve that. Thank you so much for building on Adalo and I hope we can exceed your expectations here.

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For those who don't know me from the Slack channel and NoCode Twitter community, I love to explore all the tools - as most of us do - but I focus on Webflow, Airtable, Integromat, Google Sheets and Glide for the most part.

I mostly use the tools to build solutions for clients from Webflow websites with Airtable backend databases driving the features on the website, to Automation Flows helping with things like the parsing of Stripe payment events and the subsequent email communications to those subscribers i.e. my work day can be quite varied!

My co-founder (Steve) and I are also building our own products which we hope to release to the NoCode community when they are ready... I know, I know, they are never 'ready' but they do have to kinda work before you release them ;)

For a sample of my work, here is my latest Video Mini Series showing how I built the backend of a COVID-19 response website:Β . I look forward to meeting more of you in this Circle...

Hi Glenn, nice to meet you. I wanted to ask about ur Totnes site. It’s a great initiative and seeing other Webflow guys making these. Just curious, does Webflow sponsor such sites? I overheard that u can get free hosting but wasn’t sure if that’s the case
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