Ramses Oudt

Chief Nerd @ RoamStack.com, the community for Roam power users
My aim in life is to get to know myself. I like to read, write, and think about big and complex questions so I can help myself and others move forward.

πŸ‘‹ Hi from Amsterdam

Hi everyone,

My name is Ramses, and I live in the beautiful city of Amsterdam (the Netherlands). I'm a teacher by training, worked in enterprise IT sales for 5 years, before transitioning my career to people analytics (HR).

My goal in life is to get to know myself (Γ  la Socrates) and to understand others. There's nothing I enjoy more than talking about new ideas and helping people refine theirs and make them a reality.

Ultimately I want to make it possible for myself only to do work I find meaningful. For this, I want to explore my interests further and meet like-minded people so that I can create audience-first products.

I'm starting a blog at ramses.blog using no-code and low-code tools, and want to create products after identifying the pain points that my audience has.
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