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Product Manager by trade, interested in the possibilities for rapid product dev and testing with no-code tools.
I'm looking to build something that functions in the same way for a knowledge sharing product. I had a look but couldn't see anything previously mentioning this.

Something akin to Reddit, Digg where people can add posts and others can add comments or answers, along with ability to up or downvote answers.

Adalo would be the way to go with with this :)
Chris replied
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I found this code block that works with Bubble, which would cut the scale of the task right down and looks pretty nifty. I was intending to do this inside Webflow initially, but open to other platforms.

Tom Osman any good/bad experiences on Bubble as a platform?
2nd the rec for Adalo... I've not built a Reddit clone but I've used this WordPress plugin which is open source and well done: You might consider downloading that, inspecting their data model and basically reverse engineering what's there