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wow, looks impressive !

What about pricing ? I didn't found any information..
Amit Sarda replied
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Yeah I was just reading about this. AWS will go big in nocode products I think.

They've already announced AppFlow which lets you connect some of the biggest B2B Saas products out there for bi-directional data flow..

I came here to share the same πŸ˜…
I have been waiting for this day to join this community to connect, learn and fulfill my dreams to be an entrepreneur one day, that too completely on my own terms.

After wasting enough of my time in large enterprises, I am super excited for the no code revolution, lean culture and to the fact that we can really build amazing products without the big budgets.

I can do all from backend coding to databases, microservices, devops and scalable architecture. Really bad 😞 at frontend coding and this doesn't help. I am new to the no code stack but I believe, I can adapt to them quickly, validate my ideas here and launch πŸš€ my product soon! Again super excited πŸ‘.

Congratulations to all of you who got the invite this week and I'm wishing you all the best.

WelcomeΒ Rajesh!! Love your enthusiasm. Do you have anything in mind you want to build or create first?Β 
That's really tricky ;) I am still in the ideation phase. Meanwhile, I am learning from this platform.
Amie Pollack replied
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Welcome to the communityΒ RajeshΒ πŸ‘‹, I believe you gonna get lot of value here and learn new no-code tools and tricks.