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Managing the students and class, and teachers.
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I invite you all to challenge me at
A app that lets companies track their employees’ movements in and out of the office using GPS.

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I invite you all to challenge me at
Welcome to Daily App for 100 days straight (including weekends and holidays).
The plan is to dedicate one to three hours daily. I need to move fast, be creative, logically, and explore new solution directions.
This is day 001.
My challenge for today is a Project Management App for getting requirements for you and you can follow up on your idea, I break the tasks and finish that in a few hours. also, you can free to input your feedback, receive the result.

#daily100 #day001
I invite you all to challenge me with your app’s idea. I will make it if I can. Add your idea
I will publish the app to & Glide store. or you can keet it.Β 
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Start A New Day With Good Clean Food. Built from many kitchens. Pick up or Delivered to your door.

Build a meal plan easy.Β 

Now. I'm focus about Singapore market.Β 
Let's help me some feedback.Β 
Thank you so much.Β 
The first step to help us to understand the user. and then we will offer to them the plan for healthy food.
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Walking through the flow was pretty easy! The way you broke it up is nice. I think if you could add more detail of what is included in each pricing plan, that would be very helpful for customers to decide!
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