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Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence use case ideas

Hello All,

We are participating in using AI with nocode tools. Looking for ideas to solve for based on a problem being faced personally by anyone in the community.

The current ideas we are toying with are:

i) Attendance / visitor management through Face detection.Β 
ii) Social sentiment detection of either stocks or brands through text mining of public data streams

Would be very interested in getting more inputs to solve for from the community. Please feel free to email or DM me.

Thank you!

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#T30 #Superwomen - Research, Tech decisions #glideapps #nocode #bubble #indiemakers

Staying accountable. Please provide feedback! (#T30 #Superwomen - Research, Tech decisions #glideapps #nocode #bubble #indiemakers)

## Idea

Many women across the world take a step-back on their professional careers to take care of their families.

Most women are multi-skilled and talented but are unable to pursue and monetize their talents due to various roadblocks.

### Business Case

Women can offer value in two categories:

- Make things and Sell things
Β  Β  + e.g. art, cakes, food, snacks, meals, condiments, oils, perfumes, web applications, design, logos, soaps, cakes
- Offer services
Β  Β  + fitness, photography, tuitions, mental wellness, career counseling, music, yoga, coding,Β 

The distribution and marketing for such offerings are often localized, personal and word-of-mouth oriented.

Managing customers, scheduling, accepting payments and tracking are quite painful.

I make an effort to change that in the project.

### Use case

#### Providers

- List product
- List services
- Schedule services
- Accept payments
- Communicate
- Rate receiver

### Receivers

- Search by category
- Search by location

- Sort by price
- Sort by rating
- Sort by distance

- Buy product
- Hire service
- Make payment
- Rate purchase
- Rate provider

## Pricing

- Less than starbucks coffee p.m.

### Technology

- Decided to develop using Glideapps
- Pivoted away from Bubble for speed and flexibility
- Rationale - While Bubble is extremely powerful and fits our needs. We believe to a *show and tell* validation with our research group. Getting to the hands of users with Glideapps is very efficient and we can leverage out previous work extensively. So, its Glideapps for now!
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SuperWomen - Homemakers who also earn

Talented women in many countries give up traditional careers to take care of their of their families and home.

This platform is to help homemaker women monetize their skills and contribute to the economy
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