Heyo πŸ‘‹ I'm a no-code fanboy and work on a lot of education-related projects!
I've built an app using Adalo for an online fair/conference. The event is this Friday and I'm a little nervous that with the 2,000 people who have signed up, the app might crash or get slow.

Anyone have experience with that many users using an Adalo app at once?Β Β 
HeyΒ  andylpage ,

I'd say that it depends what your app is offering in terms of user interactions/actions. Will their actions require a lot of cpu, or not...Β 

I would suggest to get in touch quickly with the Adalo team and request for assistance. If you explain your app, your deadline, I'm pretty sure they will help you, and do what's need to get thinks Orking fine on Friday.Β 

Don't waste too much time on looking for feedback on the various forums and communities, directly get in touch with the guys who will act if necessary!Β 
And.. All the best for your conference!Β 
Hiya πŸ‘‹

Wondering if anyone else out there has ever successfully created an invite-only system (ie Dribbble)

I'm thinking about unique models to launch a new community and I think keeping to to invites could bring together an awesome collection of people
Lots of options here Andy :)

You could use Memberspace, Memberstack to layer on a membership layer to most sites and you could combine Circle (this platform) to handle the community side!
Yea +1 for Tom's comment Andy! If you have any questions about setting this up with MemberSpace, feel free to reply here or message me ✌️