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Product Manager
After talking with Thomas Schulz (he built producthunt.com/posts/maker-wiki), I've decided to build again the Stack Overflow for the no-code space. I'll start building it tomorrow with Bubble, let's see how this month goes!

If anyone wants to collaborate or be one of the beta testers, just ping me.

Good luck to everyone!
Much needed tool for the no code space! 

I'd be down to beta test
much needed -- not sure what process is for getting Stack Exchange to launch a new community (they operate 150+ in addition to Stack Overflow), re: https://stackexchange.com/tour

a Slack community for low-code could also be of value, as compared to building on Bubble from scratch, etc. 

bottom line, anything in this direction is definitely needed. closest have seen is no code slack for founders, but that doesn't cover the bases for need
This week's story features AndrewJDavison . He is one of the automation kings, a Zapier Certified Expert, and an Integromat Partner running Luhhu, a business automation agency that helps people automate their company to save time, money, and sanity.

We talked about Teacher Finder, a marketplace for language teachers that didn't take off.

Nice! Love the topic. The first co I failed was such a miserable experience but taught so much and led to amazing new experiences and people. Good content on an underserved topic 👏
This week we showcased DuncanHamra . He has been building businesses with his best friend Tyler since they were in high school. From mowing lawns to memberships and gated content no-code platform called Memberstack👀

This story is about Formatically, an instant citation tool that didn't take off

Hope you enjoy the read!
Hey everyone!

We all know juice is a healthy drink. But sometimes, juice can make a business fail.
This is the story about Wit S ’s juicy mistake:

Hope you enjoy the read!

This week we want to showcase Andrew Kamphey's story. He is an entrepreneur who has started several projects related to creators and influencer marketing.

Here's the story about one of those projects that didn't take off: Creator Growth Lab. Andrew explains what went wrong, what were the lessons learned, and how those learnings improved the way he tackles new ventures.

Hope you enjoy the reading!
Not sure if a single article can be showcased on this channel (if not, I'll stop spamming them I promise!).

After Ben Tossell's story, we're showcasing Toby Allen's failed projects. He has founded many startups throughout his career, but there are two that gave him lots of valuable lessons.
Here's the full story: https://phoenixdown.co/side-projects-timing-politics/ 
Please continue posting. .. 
Hey everyone!

Just released my new project Phoenix Down, where I showcase previous failed projects from awesome makers, so others are more aware that failure is just a step towards their goal.

First one is about newCo by @bentossell, who we all know pretty well 😂. Hope you can learn something relevant for your next project!
Hey everyone! 

I'm launching a new project to help you find your dream job in the hottest tech space. That's right, jobs in no-code startups that you already love.

I've currently listed more than 175 jobs from companies like Webflow, Bubble, Airtable, Zapier, and so on. They all have been manually curated and growing each day. Take a look and apply to any position that you are interested in! And share with your tech friends to help no-code startups get better while empowering millions of makers to build things without programming skills.

If you run a no-code startup, feel free to submit your job openings too! 

I love it! Great to see we're getting to the point that no-code jobs are a thing!
Very cool! The site is it with webflow or bubble?
It's actually made with Table2Site!