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Hi all, I hope you all have built and submitted your projects.

Sharing my project here:

BYOB (Bring Your Own Book) is a book club that I'm a member of. Each month we gather and discuss the book(s) we have read during the whole month. My app will list down all the books which have been discussed during the meet and enable all members to engage with each other.

With the app,

- The data of books is now saved in organized manner rather than in physical registers of the admins.

- My app has enabled the members to search, favorite and engage with the community for each book separately.

- The app is now being managed by the whole community rather than only the admins, hence making the members feel more connected to the community.

Along with the above mentioned benefits, I've managed to create a no-code automation workflow (using UI Path) which pulls goodreads rating of the book.

Checkout my project here -

If you like what I built, do show your appreciation and like the project.

TIA! Cheers!
Are you using any tool for creating screenshots to be displayed on the app page? Please recommend.
How many of you have built a version and shared it with your users? How many of you got an amazing response for what you hacked out?

I'm one of you folks... I shared what I hacked out till now with my club members (building app for a book club I'm part of) and people appreciated it a lot. I'm feeling so happy right now :D

Share your stories too!!

Super cool! Love it!

web: [n0c0de](
twitter: [@n0c0de1](
That is awesome, thanks for sharing! :)
Wouldn't it be better if we post updates on the same thread. There will be continuity and people would be able to learn about the progress much better. Right now, with everyone posting separate threads, it's becoming unmanageable to keep track of interesting builds.

See if it makes sense but you are free to accept or refuse it.
Thanks :)
I've had the same thought! Β 

Unfortunately I just saw this after I posted my 6th topic, lol
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I guess I'm a little late to the party but better late than never.

I am building an app for my book-club where we meet every month (virtually rn) and discuss the books that we have read. Currently, one admin makes data entry of the books discussed in the meet and then posts about them on social media. The problem with this is -
  • Data stored is very unorganized and get's lost with time
  • Since it is "text" format, there is no easy way to lookup/search/analyze it.
  • It becomes a burden for that one admin to manage the whole process.Β 

My app will solve these mentioned problems apart from a few others. It will be a community run app where all members are custodians/care-takers of the data.

If you're a part of a book-club, do connect with me and I'd love to show you the app and seek feedback.

I am handy with Glide but gonna play around with a few other to see which works well for my use-case. Do share your thoughts if you have better idea.

Let's all make things! Cheers!
Great Idea!

I am part of Memorisely's Bookclub. I like it because of the friendly designer community from across the world.

Would love to look at your book club.


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#T30 challenge update!
I see quite many interesting concepts being pitched and discussed in the forum. Also, makers sharing their stack is supercool and I've found some valuable apps that I'll tinker with. So, many thanks to all.

I've used #Glide earlier so have started with it first. As I mentioned, I'll try a few before settling on the one.

I've a high-level outline of the app in the mind. It's a list of books discussed by members and grouped by the meet. The list will be searchable by book name, author name or member name.Β 

A pretty simple app to begin with. Let's see which no-code stack is the best...
#T30 challenge update!
Tried #Adalo today but their free-tier is not so generous. It won't fit my requirement coz there are definitely more than 50 entries that I'd need.Β 

In the meanwhile, I'm also investing more time on #Glide and it's a really powerful app to build upon. My heart says to continue with it but I'll stick to exploration mode for first 10 days (37% of 28 days).Β 
Hi there!
My name is Siddharth and I'm working on building an app for the book-club I'm a part of.
I'm excited to be around people with maker mentality and looking forward to some interesting and meaningful conversations.
If you've ever been a part of a book-club (member/admin), I would love to brainstorm and take feedback.

Good luck for the competition. #t30
Hey Siddharth,

Great to see you building a product to solve a problem that you have experience of!Β 

I've been part of lots of book clubs so I'll be following what you make! :)