Dave Sossah

Call me " La Soss".
Hey friends ! I run an ecommerce business in the back pain industry. For this decade, I'm committed to completely blow my life up and get into tech and crypto. Let'see what working hard and having fun can provide! Formerly @believe digital,@tunecore
Just when I was writing this post I realized that I didn't introduce myself when we moved from Slack.

I'm Dave, I've been a Makerpad member for a quarter now. By day I'm a content protection manager in one of the leading music distributors in Europe. Outside of my current job, I run an online business which is specialized in sport and outdoor products that I sell on Amazon. I had no tech skills before (didn't even use Typeform) so I really wanna thank this community for existing and Ben Tossell , Tom Osman Β  , and Amie Pollack Β for making this possible. Cheers to you guys!Β 

I started building my first ever software product Amazecode last week. Been a long week for my businesses so I barely dedicated an hour/day on it. It's an exclusive Amazon coupons marketplace for sellers introducing new products, and shoppers who are actively looking for deals. Since I started selling on Amazon, I came across such products mostly in the US and UK; there are not local offerings in France and Italy(I could be wrong, but I haven't seen anything yet) where I actively operate. I decided to start building the first version myself and see where it goes. It's basically what I'm working on right now!

I am eager to hear your suggestions, feedback, or questions, and of course looking forward to helping where I can.

Stack: Webflow, Typeform, Airtable, Zapier, Convertkit.
Thanks for the shoutΒ  Dave Sossah -- happy we can help! Really impressed with how much you've accomplished with spare moments here and there.Β 

What has been the hardest part or biggest hurdle in creating Amazecode?Β 
HeyΒ  Amie Pollack Β , thx for caring and for the question. Thinking about it, I had a hard time using the div block in Webflow for mobile responsiveness.Β  And yeah, still now, my collection list is not really mobile responsive if you apply the tablet portrait. I was thinking of getting the team's feedback about it on Thursday's office hours.Β  Thx
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