Kostas Nasis

Entrepreneur, geek whisperer
I'm a technologist with a passion for great design and user experience.

Circle iOS app login issue

I can’t seem to log in to the Circle iOS app. I never receive the code. I’ve tried for a few days now and checked spam too. Anyone else having this problem? Is it supposed to work for this community?


Hi, I'm Kostas, a reluctant coder from Philly

Hi everyone, happy to have found this community.

I've been programming for over 20 years with experience in everything from programming microcontrollers, to mobile apps, to modern web development.

I've served as CTO for multiple startups (LinkedIn) and have run a small boutique development agency for many years, where we've done work for both tiny startups and large national and international brands. Most recently I've shifted my focus to building products and I'm currently working on a video sharing product (somewhat similar to Loom, but with some additional capabilities). I also recently re-acquired a startup I had co-founded and exited from back in 2015, a popular mobile couponing app called SnipSnap and have been working to grow that business.

I like to say I'm a reluctant programmer because I've spent almost my entire career figuring out ways to write as little code as possible. I'm very excited and passionate about the low-code and no-code movement and hope to learn from and make valuable contributions to this community.

About a year ago I started a small effort called Just Shipped with some friends that were earlier in their tech careers. The idea was to ship small, useful projects on a regular basis, both as a way to explore new technologies, but also as a way to build up everyone's muscle for product design and, most importantly, to develop a habit of shipping. We launch most projects on Product Hunt, with some reaching the top 5, and some, like My WiFi Sign, hitting the #1 Product of the Day. Going forward we'll be exploring some new ideas based on no-code/low-code tools. If you're interested in working on and shipping a fun project in a supportive group setting, please get in touch!Β 

I look forward to meeting and interacting with more of you in the near future!

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