Alonso Vargas

Head of Growth KomΓΊ

Has anybody used Jitsi as as service in a no-code webapp or app?

Hello, I recently found about Jitsi as a service and thought it is just what I need. I want to build a platform for a summit/conference so the attendees can schedule 1 on 1 meeting with each other.Β 

Any feedback or experience with an alternative will be much appreciated.


Is there a no code tool that has native voice recording? or a 3rd party?

Hey, I want to build a social media app that lets elders record their own stories they want to share with the world. But I'm wondering if there's a no-code tool that allows you to do that, or perhaps a combination of tools that lets you record, and storage the audio.

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How to edit Zaps that are running? What's the best practice?

Hey, I've been wondering how to edit a Long zap, like 7-10 steps, without pausing it.Β 

I have a Zap for my community and I don't want new members having trouble registering.

How do you do it? Zapier recommends cloning the Zap editing it, pausing the first one and turning on the second edited Zap.Β 

Is there an alternative? How do you do it?

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Anybody has experience building a community with and memberstack?

Hey, I've been looking for alternatives to my Spanish speaking community, but I have only found to be the only one handling spanish language, it doesn't support SSO with Memberstack. But apparently, there are ways to make it work through Zapier, but I'm wondering if anybody has done it yet... If you happen to have work with both tools, please let me know It would be awesome to hear your experience.
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