Pim Baljon

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Hi all,

I have recently launched my website: www.aperotogo.be

I am running Hotjar.com to see how people behave. A big problem I have noticed is that people on an iPhone or Tablet, running Safari, have trouble with loading the products when clicking on them. It looks like Safari is buffering them or something and the pages are only showing several seconds later. Most of the time, people have already clicked on them again, or an other product and then all of a sudden Safari loads them all at once. This will result in the customer landing in a loop where it keeps switching between products.

This recording gives a good example of the problem. You see people tapping, but nothing haps until several seconds later. https://insights.hotjar.com/r?site=1814703&recording=3508470248&token=a3b9269d1ab2e87fe08877eacf258cbc

Does anyone have an idea why this is happening and how this can be fixed?

Hey cool cats and kittens!

I just created my e-commerce store in Webflow, which I really like how it turned out. Based it off a template. However, mister stupid here did not realize that Webflow natively only offered 3 payment options: Stripe, PayPal and Apple pay.Β 

So after my hard work, I am now looking for a solution to integrate a local payment option for Belgium and The Netherlands. Credit Cards and PayPal are rarely used here for eCommerce, so I am in a bit of a pickle.Β 

Does anyone have an idea for a work around or how to get this done? Or is this possible through Stripe in an other way?

Much appreciated!

Hi all!

I am starting my journey into learning Webflow and want to build a website + webstore in Webflow.Β 

What tutorials do you recommend that can take me there as from 0 experience with Webflow? There are a lot of resources out there, but hard to cut through the weeds of understanding the basics.

Thanks in advance!
Hey Pim, the best one I found was the University lessonsΒ 
Hi Pim Baljon, I agree with Thomas Christensen: the best place to start is the Webflow University and just work through the vids. They are so entertaining that it never feels like a slog to get through them!

Because Ecom uses a lot of repeating elements/products, I highly recommend becoming an expert on Grid and Flexbox as well as breakpoints too. Now that Webflow gives you larger breakpoints, it is important to get the concept of cascading down 'vs' cascading up firm in your mind or you'll get in a mess :)

In terms of Ecom features, Webflow Ecommerce is the easiest platform to get up and running - even easier than Shopify I'd say. Grab a recent Ecom template from the Webflow website, one like Prospero, and dive into how it all fits together as it will teach you a lot and give you confidence.

Finally, you don't need to pay for an Ecom plan to get going - especially when you start your project with a template as a lot of it is set up for you immediately.

Enjoy! If you need any help just shout... Glenn