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Dad of 2, I live in France (South-East area, next to the sea). I am an IT manager, addicted to no code!
Hey Makerpad-ers!

As part of my No-code product, I'd like to provide marketing campaigns for my future clients. 
My idea is to subscribe a emailing provider plan, that allows me to create 1 contacts list per client, and using API I will let them manage their campaigns creation, sending and stats. 

But not sure it's the best way to do, and also not sure what's the best mailing provider for such a project. 

The subscription price is important for me, but also the ability to "resell" mailing at contacts list level (can I freely to that?). 

And if a provider offers unlimited emails per month, it's even better as if my business grows, the most emails my product and clients can send without any limitation or additional fees, the better it will be! 

Many thanks for your feedback on such use case! 

(note: my product will be based on Adalo) 

Christophe HK
I think Mailerlite may be your go-to here.

I know it integrates nicely with other platforms and let's you build emails programmatically!
Thanks Tomo !
I'm going to give a try to Mailerlite so! 
Dear all,

I work for a long time on a business project. The choice made for this project, in terms of media, is Glide. Pricing is quite OK, UI/UX is not atop of the best trends but it does the job, at least for the first months. 

BUT, I am now facing a showstopper : GDPR compliancy. Till now, I didn't find any way to get the sign up / sign in form displayed after an initial step dealing with user consentement & GDPR (mandatory) requirements. 

That means that I am close to stop using Glide if they don't provide this feature (it's a must-have nowadays, they can't do without if they want to sell massively apps around the world, and particularly In Europe). 

Have you faced this issue and, if you did, any work around to share? 

I tried lot of tweaks using CSS magic, we can change lot of things to enhance a bit the layout and UI, but no way to get this sign in form displayed via a button or a extended div, as far as we can't insert "button" or "script" tags..) 

Many thanks for your feedback, if any! 

Second point : if I have to leave Glide behind, what would you recommand? Adalo or Bubble? It's more expensive, but today to get a public app with Glide and admin users, you have to pay for 2 apps (58$/m or a bit less for the yearly plan) 

Thanks Tom Osman !

I've had a deeper (but quick) look at Adalo. And, hum, how to say, it definitively seems the no code tool I needed and will use to build my business project! It seems really powerful and I like the apps UI! Using Glide I had to use CSS style modifications to get UI enhancements.

I start today with Adalo tutorials! 😀
Tom Osman replied
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I don't actually have a good answer for this at the moment and tbh it's something I should look into more.

David Adkin  , how are you handling GDPR at Adalo?
First of all, I am glad to take part of Makerpad and this community. 

I am Christophe, dad of 2, french. I live in France south area, next to the sea, and I have been in the IT industry since the first times of my working life. 

We all cross the covid-19 crisis, and consequences are dramatic for lot of us. I've lost my job, and I have to restart from scratch. That's life, hakuna matata, let's keep optimistic.

No code is a dream that comes true. No code tools are today so powerful, and also often fun to use. I plan to create a company, the business idea is there but I do need to learn a lot around all the possibilities offered by no code tools, from the mobile apps to the automation. I am fond of Zapier :)

Look forward to discussing and working with you all ! 
I discovered No-code when I started building small apps using Glide, nothing really pro at that time, and nothing really ready to ship or to sell, it was more for fun than for any business purpose. 
During the covid crisis, I lost my job. So using Glide, zapier, mailjet, I have set up a "Glide platform", in order to help medium and small shops to decrease the impact of the confinement : 

This platform is still up and running, as in France restaurants and other shops and places where people usually meet are still closed and only, for some of them, propose delivery or pick-up orders. 

More than 150 shop owners joined this platform, and discussing with all of them had been very interesting and instructive. They all try to build eshop, web sites, they all have Facebook pages. But only a few of them have enough time to keep these web sites or communities up to date. They haven't time to work on this stuff, and it's often too complicated or time-consuming. It's not their job! 

So I have an idea in mind : provide them with a very simple way to build and manage their digital communication / marketing. Be visible, be active on social medias, sell more (what does not necessarily mean e-commerce). 
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Hey  Christophe HK  

Welcome here. It's always cool to see a compatriot join the community. We are a few frenchies here . 
Nice job, you're smart, you don't let the circumstances hold you down. 
Feel free to reach me if you need any help.

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