Victor Jimenez

Developer & Maker
Hi All! I am very good at React, Node and some AWS stuff, if you need any help let me know! Some of the stuff I am working on:

From low-code to no-code

Hi all!

I want to share a couple templates that I am creating using the new low-code to no-code functionalities that I was working on.
I got a couple meta customer (web agencies) that are driving me a lot of requirements and features,most request features were related to move some functionalities from low-code to no-code, and I am converting the some templates to take advantage of the new features, take a look at the live demos:Β

Thank you and have a great weekend!

To cope with all the changes I created a React component that I thinkΒ  is generic enough to open source, this is the start of the journey
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A Website for the 'Remote marketing jobs' airtable

Hi all

I want to share a website that I made for the 'Remote marketing jobs' airtable, the site automatically syncs with the Airtable.

Site:Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β
Airtable base:Β

I work a lot with Airtable, if you ever need some help on Airtable let me know, I am sure that I can help you.
If you have an Airtable that you want to convert into a website or you need a job board let me know.

Please let me know any feedback
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A Website for the 'Ultimate Meal Planner' airtable

I want to share a website that I generated from the 'Ultimate Meal Planner' airtable.


I am using an airtable site builder that I am working on:
If you have an airtable that you want to convert into a website let me know.
Please let me know any feedback, thank you!
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ShopWS | 0% comission + catalog + stripe

I want to share a project that I am working on, this is a service to generate digital catalogs + stripe checkout in a couple minutes.

The motivation for this project is that I wanted to have a very simple catalog that have integration with Stripe to sell misc stuff and sync product information with stripe.

You can try it with your stripe test credentials.
Let me know any feedback! Thank you
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Hi! looking forward to know more about no-code!

My name is Victor,Β 

I am exploring the no-code world and communities. πŸ™‚
I mostly code on React and Node, but I try to cover functionalities with no-code as much as I can to free some code workload/maintenance and also understand how no-code works for others.

Happy to be here and thanks for reading!!