Lindsay Trinkle

Cofounder @ Makeswift
Hello! I'm a cofounder of Makeswift, a no-code website builder that is both highly customizable and easy to learn.

The MVP Most Startups Ignore

Hey Makerpad community –

In recent years I've noticed that despite the explosion of no-code, the way startups treat the early iterations of their website has remained largely the same.

I've shared some thoughts on this on the Makeswift blog. We've also put together some resources to help startup founders start thinking about their first website as their marketing MVP.Β 

Would love your thoughts!

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πŸ‘‹ I'm Lindsay, cofounder @ Makeswift

Hey there, Makerpad!

I've been meaning to join this community for a while and today I saw Ben Tossell 's tweet about being 1 subscriber away from 13k, which was just the nudge I needed. Excited to be here!

I'm a cofounder @ Makeswift, another no-code website builder. 😊  We're working on building a powerful tool that provides endless customization and is easy to learn. This video will give you an idea of what it currently looks like to design in Makeswift:

We're in early access mode but we're accepting new users every day at this point. The product is free until we launch, which we're aiming to do early in 2021. I would love to get feedback from the folks in this community – shoot me a message if you want to skip the early access application and I'll send you an invite code directly!

In addition to working on Makeswift, I'm a mom of a very energetic toddler and love going hiking and exploring Atlanta's walking trails with my family.Β 

Looking forward to getting to know y'all!Β 
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